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Health Insurance

Navigate the confusing world of health insurance with the help of DBM brokers. No two companies are the same and DBM provides benefits that will help maximize all companies benefits.

HR Technology Solutions

How much do you enjoy chasing down employees during open enrollment, filling out paper applications and having to correct countless errors? Nobody does! Partnering with DBM’s technology will help in many ways. We know that it can be frustrating when you’re trying to onboard new employees. We can relieve the hassle of needing to print out multiple employee handbooks, I-9 and W4 forms. You’ll save time, money and trees all in the process - not to mention that you’re benefits education and enrollment will become easier and streamlined.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is not a one size fits all. That is why DBM provides a diverse array of Life insurance products that include Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life and even options to have long term care and living benefits.

Voluntary Benefits

We all know that major medical is important but traditional medical insurance may not be enough. With the rising cost of medical care and personal out-of-pocket expenses, having voluntary programs in place that are designed to give the individual much needed cash will keep your employees from having to set up a GoFundMe.

Dental Coverage

In today’s market, there are conventional and unconventional routes for dental care. Whether standard dental insurance is needed for routine maintenance on your pearly grill or whether you’re needing a more comprehensive approach for taking care of your oral health, DBM has options that fit the needs of the company and employee.

Vision Insurance

Glasses, cataracts and laser surgery; these and many other situations are all common needs for eye care. There are many options to choose from and we can guide our clients to the best solution. Don’t fly blind on your vision insurance.

Government Contracting

If your company works on government contracts, we have access to some exclusive options for medical, dental vision and more. Additionally, there are strategies that will help optimize usage of the money allocated toward prevailing wage workers that will significantly increase a company’s bottom line.

Identity Theft Protection

Have you ever received a call or email from a prince from a foreign country asking you to help him retrieve his money from a long, lost inheritance? What about logging onto an unsecured wifi or bluetooth with your computer or phone? There are many situations that happen every day to people where their identity is stolen. It’s a frustrating experience that can easily be avoided with affordable identity protection. There is only one YOU and we can help keep it that way.

Pet Insurance

We all love our furry friends but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we love the vet bill that can come along with them. DBM has options to help cut down the cost on those unexpected trips to the vet as well as the overall cost of maintaining your best friend’s health throughout the years.

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There are few firms too small or too large to take advantage of the benefits that a relationship with DBM Insurance has to offer.

We offer our clients more freedom of choice in a benefits package that goes beyond what they could expect.

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